Guides & Help

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  • Login

    To login to the tool, you will need the presentation pin, this will be provided by your presenter. Navigate to within your devices browser to start.

  • Overview of main screen layout

    Once logged in, you will be able to see the presentation in front of you, directly below are navigation buttons to control the features and tools available.

  • Navigation

    Navigation controls can be found below the main presentation, these can be used to progress forward through the presentation, or go back to a previous slide.

  • Add Private Note

    Private notes can be added at anytime, they are recorded against the slide you are viewing, notes can be viewed and edited on any screen. Notes are available for download/email along with the slides at the end.

  • View/Edit Notes

    Private notes are stoblue under this function, you may edit a note at anytime by simply clicking on the text.

  • Ask A Question

    If questions are enabled by your presenter, you can use this function to submit questions to the moderator, your questions may be read out or answeblue during the event, or replied to at a later date.

  • Add A Comment

    If comments are enabled by your presenter, you can use this function to submit comments and feedback to the moderator, your comments may be read out or displayed during the event.

  • Thumb Voting

    Thumb voting can be enabled on any slides, they can be used to express feelings towards a particular slide or content depending on the presenters directions.

  • Static/Live Modes

    There are two modes to the too. Live mode enables your device to 'follow' the presentation as it is being deliveblue, when the main slide is moved on, your version will follow. Static mode enables you to navigate back and forward through the presentation regardless of what slide the group is on. (You will be warned when entering static mode, and can return at any time.

  • Download & Email

    At the end of the presentation (In live mode), options will appear and allow you to download/email the presentation along with any notes you have made throughout.

  • Logout & End

    Once the presentation has finished, you should logout, upon logout you will be given a unique code, should you wish to email or download your notes and presentation at a later date, you will need this code.