How it works

Everything has been made to be easy, here is our simple step by step process

Step 1

The presenter uploads their presentation.

Step 2

The presenter configures their presentation, adds voting questions and selects which features will be available.

Step 3

A pin is generated for audience members to use to login to the presentation via their devices.

Step 4

Users login from their devices, first time users can opt for a feature tour or a user guide.

Step 5

The presentation is now shown on the users device, live, in timing with the presenter. Users can navigate through the presentation in a 'static' mode.

Step 6

Users are able to make private notes on slides, make public comments, ask questions, vote, or like/dislike slides or topics.

Step 7

As questions and comments are fed back to the presenter in real time, these can be answered, displayed or stored for use at a later date.

Step 8

At the end of the presentation, users can download or email the slide pack, including any private notes they have made throughout.

Step 9

After the presentation, the presenter can collect results and statistics.