Do I need any special software or a specific device to use this tool?

No, we realise that when you arrive, you just need to login quickly and be up and running. Therefore, we've created the tool to work completely web based. This means that any mobile device out of the box will work. We have tested: Laptops (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), Mobile Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian), Tablets (Android, iPad).

**We do recommend that if you're using an Android based device, that you download and use Google Chrome**

How many attendees can use this tool at once?

There is no minimum or maximum, this tool can be used for any size presentation and audience.

What mobile devices does this work on?

We've done extensive testing across a wide range of devices, we're happy to report we have never found a device this doesn't function on.

We have tested: Laptops (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), Mobile Phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian), Tablets (Android, iPad).

**We do recommend that if you're using an Android based device, that you download and use Google Chrome**

How secure is my data?

During signup or login, you may be asked to provide your name and email address, this information is used by the presenter to contact you, should you request it through comments or questions. The only other time your information is used, is to email you the presentation/your notes should you request it at the end.
Your data is under no circumstances given out to third parties or used to advertise or send you promotional information.

How do I get the slides and notes after the presentation?

At the end of the presentation, the presenter can enable you to download or email the presentation slides including any private notes you may have made throughout.

Are my private notes really private?

Yes. At no point are your private notes shared with anyone else, they cannot be seen by the presenter or any other users of the system.

What information is available to me during the presentation?

As a presenter, you have a console available to you, from this you can see Live comments, live questions, current users and any interactions/results from Poll Voting or Thumb voting.

As an attendee, you have a full view of the presentation as it is being presented, you can also navigate forwards and backwards through the presentation at any time. You have access to your private notes on any screen.

How long does it take for attendees to login and get started?

The process is simple, users need to turn on their device and navigate to a simple website address.
Once there, they are requested to enter their name, email address and a 6 digit presentation pin.
That's it. In our experience, most groups are ready within 60 seconds.

Can we display the comments, questions and other interactions with the group on the big screen?

Yes. Comments can be moderated and displayed 2 at a time, refreshing every 15 seconds. Questions and voting results can be shown at any time.

Can we ask questions for attendees to vote on during the presentation?

Yes. You can ask as many questions with unlimited responses/answers at anytime during the presentation. They can be edited and added to at any time.

Can anyone see my presentation?

So long as they have the website address and presentation pin, yes.

Can people who are not in the same room / remote workers login too?

Yes, as the tool is web based, your presentation can be shown to anyone you choose in the world.

Can we export the statistics and data for use in our own systems after the presentation?

Yes. All the comments, questions, voting results and users can be exported in various formats to suit your needs.

Can we re-brand or change any of the text/welcome pages?

Yes. The product can use your logo and branding, welcome pages and setup pages can also be edited before the event.

Can we tweak and edit some of the features or how it operates?

Yes. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements, we are able to add or remove functionality or create completely bespoke interfaces for the product.

How are voting results shown?

Voting results can be shown to the users via their mobile devices and/or on the big screen. Results can be shown in table or Pie-Chart formats.

What are multiple votes?

Traditionally, users are given a question and given a selection of answers to choose from, once they've done this, their vote is counted and they are taken to see the live results. - With multiple voting, an option can be set to give each user’s device multiple votes on a particular question. This is useful for shared table devices such as an iPad per 5-10 people.